Annals of Advances in Biological Science


Angewandten Biologie Forschung ( ISSN 2321-1733) is a peer-reviewed, hybrid open access, quarterly journal published in association with INGIKNOW by Continuous Publication Model. We wish to publish full-length original research articles, short communications and reviews in following specializations of biology.

Agricultural Science
Biomaterials and their applications
Botany and Cell biology
Conservation and developmental biology
Crop and Soil Science
Dairy and poultry science
Ecology and Environmental Biology
Food science
Pest management
Plant and animal Histology and Physiology
Marine and aquatic Biology
Microbiology and Biotechnology
Plant and animal physiology
Virology, Parasitology and Phycology

Angewandten Biologie Forschung encourages and publishes articles that report novel findings of wider biological significance. To accomplish its integrative role, the Journal gives preference to papers that bring together the research in the two or more fields of biology. CTBS would like to publish special issues on various subjects of scientific significance and commemorative issues to honor biologists throughout the world on the occasion of special birthdays or retirement. In special cases, commemorative issues will also be issued to honor researchers on the occasion of special birthdays or retirement or biologists who have passed away.


Why publish with us?

  • "Language Translation Service" - A unique service offered by editorial team of CTBScience wherein authors of non-English speaking countries  who wish to submit articles in their native language will get assistance in translating their article into English so that it becomes it becomes suitable for publication in  our journal
  • Single-Step Manuscript Submission System
  • Rapid and constructive peer review 
  • Immediate access to your research findings to global audience  through open access model
  • Journal indexed in various international indexing authorities 

     Publication Charges

    What is open access publication? 

    Open access model of publication allows all interested readers to view, download, print, and redistribute any article without a subscription which may enable far greater distribution of an author's work. Through open access model, the scientific community and the general public can unlimitedly and immediately access all content published in the journals for free as soon as it is published on the Internet. 

    Why do Journals charge Article Publication Charges (APC)? 

    Open access publishing is not without costs. Journals defray editorial and production costs arising out of storage digital archives, copy editing; converting article to different format of publication (HTML, PDF, XML); submission to several Open Access archives, indexing, and cataloging of articles in electronic format, archiving of article, overhead expenses like employee charges by collecting Article Processing Charges (APC) from authors who intend to publish their articles by open access model. 

    What is the APC of the Journal?

    Our journal does not charge any APC as we follow the hybrid open access model of publication.

    What is hybrid open access?

    The hybrid open access model is a publication model in which authors of accepted articles are given with the choice for publication of their article. In Hybrid Model, the authors will have two options: to pay a publication charge to make their article open access OR not to pay the publication charge but the publisher retains the right to imposes embargo period for making the article open access.

    For more information visit our Publication model and process section of journal website 

Publication model 

At present, we are following Continuous Publication model (Vol-2: No-3: 2014 onwards).  

What is Continuous Publication model?

In Continuous Publication model, the articles accepted for publication are published in their final form as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for complete issues as the editorial team feels there is no need to wait for the issue building because unlike print, we don't need to gather articles together until a time when they can all be published at once. 

What are the advantages of Continuous Publication model?

Continuous Publication model minimizes the (often long) delay between First-on-Online  and issue publication and ensures faster publication of articles for authors, fast accessibility of accepted articles for readers, researchers will have full citation details available to them immediately as soon as their articles are accepted for publication and each day there is new content on journal website.

Our journal website will now be updated regularly with the latest articles and we will continue to collate published articles into archival "issues" (4 issues per year) regularly. 


Why Publish in Angewandten Biologie Forschung ?

  • Unique and affordable Language Translation Service* 
  • Single-Step Manuscript Submission System
  • Rapid and constructive peer review 
  • Immediate access of your research findings to global audience  through open access model
  • Journal indexed in various international indexing authorities  


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